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Accidents in Creation

Accidents by their very meaning imply something unplanned for. A vacuum existing without reason, form, or rationale. We talk about something being a freak storm, a freak accident or something like that. A lack of the understanding of the immutable laws of creation lends itself to the quite illogical conclusion that there can be accidents in creation.

We understand accident as an unplanned mishap, that may result in injury, damage or something unpleasant. Scientist say creation was the result of a big bang, an accident, but we know deeply that our coming to Earth cannot just be by accident! In truth, things do not just happen. Life did not just come about unplanned, but as a result of development and grace.

When we say we met someone by accident, or shrug and say it was a chance happening it is simply because we lack the knowledge of understanding one of the basic laws of creation. The laws in absolute accordance with the will of the creator to ensure Justice, love and Mercy.

Our innate sense of justice and logic niggles us that there might be a perfectly logical reason why one thing or the other has happened, for from hind sight we learn that there had been indications that something was noyt just right. No matter our level of intellectual savvy or snootiness, we reluctantly accept that there is a greater Intelligence that governs the Earth and creation. Accident therefore is definitely not part of that picture of organized laws that have remained immutable, unchangeable and impersonal!

These laws ensure that there can be no accidents in creation, and probably underlines the reason for the stricture of Christ when he said ‘if ye are slapped on one cheek… in essence, turn the other for we may not know the history of the slap or from where it had originated. But the love of the Lord makes it possible for us to right pass wrongs when the seeds of this wrong have ripened and we are perforce made to partake of it.

This law of sowing and reaping is so finely worked that a wrong may never go unaccounted for with the same token our good seeds come to us for it to be redeemed as well. So when situations sometimes occur that look somewhat arbitrary, it is so because we lacked the knowledge to understand the beginning of the apparent chance meeting or happening. These so called chance meetings or accidents are loving opportunities from the Almighty Father to redeem threads of our weaving.

Every opportunity is made available by the creator for us to make progress so we can return to paradise to experience our deep longing to be conscious in the closest proximity of the Light..If we understand that seeds we sow, have different times of maturing, as creation teaches us through our agricultural activities, we may thus recognize that the maturing our acts of spiritual sowing will mature at different times and for some maybe several incarnations before the fruit is ripened.

The nature of our activity from the moment of our sowing to when the fruit ripens determines if the harvesting might simply be pleasant or unpleasant.It may be having someone over-run your goods, or you walk into an office and you happen to be the one that can be employed for that dream job you never thought you could get or even miss boarding a plane that later crashes with no survivor. It was not really an accident or chance. It is in accordance with the law and underlined when Christ declared in absolute terms that not one law will go unfulfilled.

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